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The myth of the Titanic extends far beyond the sinking of one British ocean liner called the RMS Titanic. Titanic information and history has deeper implications for us than the simple details of her collision with an iceberg. When the Titanic sunk into the North Atlantic Ocean one hundred years ago, it transformed itself into a metaphor for the modern age. 

The Titanic story is more than just a lesson about technological hubris. It serves as a living morality play about humanity itself, including our disparities and our dichotomies. Perhaps that is why the Titanic myth is still so resonant in film and written fiction. It defies all attempts at strict categorization to topics of simple Titanic information.

Certainly, the hubris example applies. When the Titanic sunk, the modern world was just being born. Technology had found its sea legs, but the tragedy taught us that technology was not quite steady on them yet. This maritime disaster, which still ranks among the worst, served as a useful lesson about being too certain of our own abilities. 

The Titanic also serves as a vital example of what happens when we are ill-prepared for the worst case scenario. It tells us there's such a thing as too much optimism. We can learn a lot on many levels from the fate of the RMS Titanic. The myth and its many meanings will no doubt be advising us for many years to come.