Titanic Documentaries

A collection of free great documentaries about Titanic suitable for education from IMAX, National Geographic, James Cameron

There are a number of great documentaries produced about Titanic over  the years focusing on many different aspects the tale and tragedy  associated with her fate. 

Students will find these both an informative and engaging way to learn about Titanic.

You can purchase some of the more recent documentaries and films about Titanic in our online store but below are a collection of worthwhile documentaries that we have located online.

We hope you find them useful.

Titanic:  Birth of a Legend (2005)

Dramatized documentary which follows the lives of the men who designed and built Titanic and her sister ship Olympic at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, showing the violence, political drama and financial pressures that affected those who worked on her. Eight men, the Guarantee Group, were privileged to be chosen to travel on her maiden voyage. All of them were killed when she sank after striking an iceberg.

Titanic:  Answers from the Abyss (1999) Part 1

Another fantastic Discovery Channel documentary centering around Titanic, her passengers, and crew. 

Titanic:  Answers from the Abyss (1999) Part 2

Another great Discovery Channel documentary about Titanic and her passengers and crew.

Titanica (1998) IMAX

An IMAX documentary following an expedition to the wreck of Titanic with Ralph White and Anatoly Sagalevich.

Titanic:  Death of a Dream (1994)

One of the best Titanic documentary of all time.  Titanic:  Death of a Dream explores Titanic's story from the day her keel was laid to the night she disappeared beneath the waves of the North Atlantic.  Includes interviews with survivors and the foremost Titanic historians.

Return to Titanic (2005) National Geographic

Titanic:  The true Story (2001)


Documentary exploring the facts surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, while also questioning the accuracy of some of the key moments in James Cameron's epic film.

Building the Titanic (2012)

Titanic:  The Final word with James Cameron (2012)

Titanic at 100:  The mystery solved