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Titanic Dock for iPad

Titanicdock is a free ipad app which will give you access to stories, history, facts, and information about everyone's favourite subject, RMS Titanic. Share with friends via your favourite social websites of Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the conversation as the 100th anniversary draws in.

The free app features an introduction to 'Titanic Island' which is a unique documentary on the subject of how Titanic came to be and if you enjoy the trailer it is available to purchase fully 'in app'.

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Titanic 2012 app for iPad

Complementing the TITANIC television miniseries, the TITANIC 2012 app is a unique integrated experience for viewers of the series and novice historians alike.

This three-part immersive journey delves into the complexity of Titanic’s tragic story. Investigate, challenge, and relive some of the key decisions and turning points in the famous ship’s history. Explore unique perspectives and experiences, and interact with enlightening historical evidence in innovative new ways.


Learn about the new safety regulations implemented in the wake of the Titanic disaster and examine the choices faced by Titanic’s engineers and designers first hand as you create your very own luxury ocean liner.

Design your ship while considering conflicting factors such as your budget, materials, and safety. Once you've made your final decision, the impact of your choices will play out in a video montage depicting the life of your ship.


Explore the circumstances and choices before and after the fatal impact with the iceberg from two perspectives: an overhead map view of Titanic’s route across the Atlantic, and a first-person view from Titanic’s bridge, where you can witness the emergency response of the Titanic crew.


Listen to the stories of four real-life Titanic survivors who are depicted in the miniseries. Narrated by Linus Roache, who portrays Lord Hugh Manton in the series, these vivid mini-docs will give you insight into the lives of these individuals who survived the wreck.


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Building Titanic App for iPad

In 1912, she was the largest, most complex moving object on the planet and it took a workforce of thousands more than two years to bring her to life.

Now, with the free Building Titanic app, travel back in time and witness Titanic’s construction. You control the assembly of the majestic liner as you explore a dynamic interactive timeline and watch the great ship being built in simulated timelapse, right before your eyes.

• Over 50 in-depth points-of-interest along a dynamic interactive timeline of her construction.
• More than 100 rare photos detail every aspect of her assembly.
• Incredible archival film shows the laborers who built her in action.
• Special previews of upcoming James Cameron and Bob Ballard Titanic documentaries from the National Geographic Channel.

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